Residential HVAC Services in Cincinnati, OH

Do you need an HVAC system to get the job done in every season? Cair offers residential heating and cooling construction services to ensure your system lasts for many years to come.

Does Your New Home Need An HVAC System?

While moving can make you want to pull your hair out, there’s nothing more exciting than a new home! Cair Heating & Cooling helps your new house feel like home faster with a comfortable, energy efficient HVAC system.

Cair’s energy-efficient and effective HVAC systems are key to providing your family with the clean and comfortable air you deserve. Getting started with the right system guarantees year round temperature control and outstanding savings in the long run.

At Cair, we provide local new construction HVAC services that keep your system running better from the start.

HVAC Services For New Residences

You love your new home, so you shouldn’t settle for any ol’ HVAC system. A knowledgeable HVAC technician is needed to evaluate your new residence and produce an accurate load calculation. This way, you’re guaranteed the ideal HVAC system – able to achieve the comfort you’re after without sky high utility costs.

Torn between saving money or saving the planet? At Cair, you don’t have to choose–we have HVAC systems that can do both! We offer the HVAC services every new home needs to acquire the perfect system for the perfect price. Plus, our Cincinnati-based HVAC technicians are waiting and ready to provide maintenance, upkeep, new installation, and more.

Our trusted residential HVAC contractors provide:  

  • A formal load calculation to determine proper equipment sizing.
  • A custom quote for all equipment and materials.
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Top-Rated Residential HVAC Contractors

Cair Heating & Cooling carries the “Top 5 Comfort & Efficiency Options” chosen by homeowners in the Cincinnati area!


We Provide:

Icon - Heat Pump

Higher Efficiency, 2-Speed Heat Pumps:

Higher efficiency air conditioners/heat pumps help to save money on utility bills, while providing quieter operation. The two speed motor also allows you to dehumidify your house faster, which creates more comfort on those hot days.
Icon - 2 Stage Furnace

High Efficiency, 2-Stage Variable Speed Furnace:

Higher efficiency furnaces help to save money on utility bills while increasing the comfort level of the home by holding a more constant temperature.
Icon - Zoning


Used to control the temperature in separate areas of the home, zoning will save you money on utility bills and increase overall comfort by heating and cooling only the areas you choose during certain times of the day.
Icon - Air Filters

High Efficiency Air Filtration:

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. This product eliminates 35X more pollen, plant spores, and bacteria than a standard 1 inch filter. With the ease of cleaning, these filters prevent the need to buy new filters every month. They also work to protect your furnace, lengthen the life of furnishings, and improve certain respiratory health issues.
Icon - Humidifier


These add moisture to the air, which prevents dryness, increases comfort, and protects woodwork. Humidifiers also help eliminate dry skin and scratchy throats during the dry times of the year.

Why Choose Cair?

Your family deserves an HVAC system that’s safe and dependable. Cair Heating & Cooling’s certified technicians install and service your new construction HVAC system, so you can rest easy. Based in Cincinnati, OH, we perform local and national background checks on all employees – because we care about your family’s well-being.


“We Cair About Your Comfort!”


  • Your home HVAC system is designed and installed by our own highly trained professionals. We never use sub-contractors.
  • Your plans are engineer-drawn in the office to ensure the maximum comfort.
  • We’ll present you with an estimate for your approval before we start on the job.
  • We don’t bid homes by the sq. ft. or by the ton – we use accurate pricing!
  • Our comprehensive quotes ensure the best price, as you’re only paying for the necessary materials and labor. No guesswork!

Find Residential HVAC Services Near You

Are you interested in new construction residential HVAC services? At Cair, we provide the planning, products, and expertise you need to have the best system for your home.
We carry a wide selection of brands – from Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Amana,Lennox and more – to ensure that you receive the right equipment for your needs and budget.

We’ll work with you to maximize comfort and savings in your home!

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