Air Cleaner & Filtration Services in Cincinnati, OH

Did you know that stale air can significantly damage your health? It’s true! In fact, poor indoor air quality has been found to be a major environmental health risk to public health. Because of this, Cair Heating & Cooling places a special emphasis on providing high-quality air cleaners throughout the Cincinnati area, keeping your family happy and healthy year round.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Options

Media Air Cleaners

  • Installs in place of your standard 1” air filter
  • Removes particles from the air up to 4 microns including:
    • Dust
    • Pet Hair
    • Tobacco Smoke
  • These disposable filters are 85% more effective than a standard air filter.
Media Air Cleaner

Electronic Air Filters

  • Installs directly in place of your standard 1” air filter
  • Removes up to 95% of all airborne particles like:
    • Plant Spores and Pollen
    • Pet Dander and Hair
    • Tobacco Smoke
    • Viruses
  • These reusable filters are washable, have a 5-year parts warranty, and are 99% more effective than your standard 1” air filters.
Electronic Air Filter

Air Humidifiers

  • Moistens and conditions the air
  • Protects cabinets, woodwork, hardwood floors, and other wooden home components from cracking and separating.
  • Prevents sore, dry throats and itchy skin
  • Lowers static electricity
  • Only costs around $15 a year to operate
  • Units come with a 5-year parts warranty

Air Dehumidifiers

  • Helps to manage moisture during the summer months
  • Prevents mold and mildew from growing due to moisture build up
  • Doesn’t emit harmful ozone
  • Capable of removing up to 11 gallons of moisture from the air each day
  • Great for finished basements
  • Ideal for damp crawl spaces
  • Units come with a 5-year parts warranty

UV Germicidal Lights

  • These lights are installed directly into your existing ductwork
  • Eradicates bacteria, viruses, and molds
  • Decreases chemical and biological odors
  • Highly efficient UVC/V Air Purification System
  • Comes with a 3-year parts warranty
UV Germicidal Lights

Fresh Air Ventilators

  • Helps to remove stagnant indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air
  • Set it and forget it. Once installed, it works on its own
  • Supplies your home with constant fresh air
  • These units are very economical
Fresh Air Ventilator

Energy Recovery Ventilators

  • Helps regulate humidity in the air, reducing it in the humid summer months while increasing it during those cold, dry winter months
  • Exchanges stale, stagnant indoor air with fresh air from outside
  • Ideal for hot and humid environments
  • Helps to reduce indoor air pollutants
Energy Recovery Ventilators
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