HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

Is your HVAC system in need of a tune-up? Cair Heating & Cooling offers HVAC maintenance throughout the Cincinnati area so you can save on your utility bills and keep your heating and cooling system running longer!

Keep Your HVAC System Running All Year

Your HVAC system has a crucial role: keeping your space cool or warm all year long. If your A/C unit or furnace isn’t functioning properly, you might end up braving the cruel elements without an HVAC system to keep you comfortable. This is why Cair is here to keep your system running perfectly during every season.

Our HVAC maintenance services provide homes and businesses throughout Cincinnati with the services they need, when they need them. Whether it’s the summer heat or the winter chill, you can rest easy knowing your HVAC system is in great shape.

Complete New System
Starting at only $4,995

10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty and Save Up to 35% On Utility Bills!


Save On Your Utility Bills

Did you know that the average homeowner in Cincinnati spends $197.66 per month for electric and gas?

There are numerous ways to cut down your utility costs from flipping off unnecessary lights to decreasing the temperature on your water heater – but one of the most impactful ways is to regularly tune-up your HVAC system. Cair Heating & Cooling can save you up to 15% on your operation cost by conducting regular checkups on your system. This will also prolong the life of the equipment, which saves you even more money!

Professional HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati

Ohio summers are no joke and the winter months aren’t much to scoff at, either. If your HVAC system isn’t in tip-top shape, you may find yourself struggling when extreme weather hits.

At Cair Heating & Cooling, we help you brave the elements with ease by conducting routine maintenance. We service residential, commercial, and industrial AC units in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s critical to monitor your air conditioning system to ensure it lasts and keeps your energy costs low. Our local A/C maintenance services guarantee an efficient, dependable system that will last for years. If your A/C unit isn’t maintaining the temperature you want, it’s probably time to schedule air conditioner maintenance service.


Furnace & Heating Maintenance

To keep your home cozy during those long winter months, your furnace needs to be in proper working order. At Cair Heating & Cooling, we offer the essential services you need to ward off the chill in those icy months.

Cair Heating & Cooling Energy Care Plan


  • Annual cleaning and safety checks of your heating and cooling units
  • Discounts on HVAC repairs
  • Priority service – Available 24 Hours
  • No overtime fees
  • Credits for change outs
  • Savings on utility bills
  • Longer life of equipment
  • Credits towards future equipment replacement

Keep Your Unit Running Efficiently

At Cair, we know that replacing your HVAC system can be costly. That’s why we suggest our customers repair their system when needed and conduct routine maintenance to keep it working for as long as possible.

There are a few things your can do to keep your AC running as efficiently as possible all year long:


  • Remove brush and debris near the unit
  • Replace HVAC air filters
  • Clean the condenser coils every spring
  • Lubricate motors and bearings
  • Maintain proper refrigerant levels
  • Schedule routine maintenance from Cair Heating & Cooling!

Find Local HVAC Maintenance Services

On the hunt for HVAC maintenance services in Cincinnati?

Look no further than Cair Heating & Cooling! We service homes and businesses in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Have a hectic schedule? We work around your schedule to set up convenient HVAC tune up visits!

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